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Step 1
insert handles in to top piece
Step 2
Flip over top shelf - lay on something soft not to scratch the handles.
Step 3
lock in handles with 4 couplings attached to 18" nipples.
Step 5
insert feeder shelf onto the connectors - watch the masking tape for shelf orientation to have a perfect easy fit 🙂
Step 6
lock in feeder shelf with 4 couplings attached to either 4" or 6" nipples. Depends on what you ordered 🙂
Step 7
Insert the 4 feet and screw on the 4 feet loosely - you can tighten or loosen the feet to adjust the feeders level for your particular floor 🙂
Step 8
Your done - Flip it over and admire your work. Decorate the top - fill the bottom with food and water and then send me a picture of your pup(s) eating from your new Verona style pet feeder. Lew