Here is how to setup the swivel pipe towel rack.

These instructions are for a single tier or 5 tiers it’s always the same.

1. Lower pipe 1st pipe is tightened. Then when you add the tee to make sure it swivels as you see in the video it only take 2-3 turns before it is tight enough to swivel.

You never want it too tight that it won’t swivel back and forth. After doing the first tier you will get it 🙂

2. Tighten the 4” pipe to the top of the tee so it does not move then repeat step 1. Again until you are at the top of the rack.

3. Attach to the wall only after adjusting any tee’s that you made too tight and they won’t swivel.

Enjoy your handmade swivel towel rack one of my best selling items on and my Etsy shop.

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