Step #1
start from underneath the top and lay flat as shown with flanges facing up
Step #2
insert the two 6" pipes with the coupling and 2" nipple facing up as shown.
Step #3
take the bottom shelf and place it on the two 2: nipples as shown, A piece of tape will indicate the bottom side and that during assembly is face up,
Step #4
lock in the bottom shelf with the two couplings and 2: nipple as shown.
Step #5
Add the two support pieces pre assembled for you to each side. Then add a flange with 2" nipple as shown and do not overtighten.
Step #6
add the remaining three flanges, And then flip over piece.
If you need to balance the rack for your floor simply play with the four flanges by turning them clockwise to raise it or counter clockwise to lower it.