Ceiling mounted pot holder – Note for blanket ladder only look at steps 1 to step 5

Step 1
Insert the left side pipes with enough of the nipple protruding to lock it in with the caps in step 2. If they are not protruding enough turn the nipple counter clock wise.
Step 2
lock in the pipes with the caps
Step 3
Line up the board on the opposite side starting with the first hole and gently align and insert all the nipples in the matching holes.
Step 4
Same as step 1 but for the opposite side. If the nipples are not protruding enough turn the nipple clock wise.
Step 5
Lock in the nipples with the caps.
Step 6
In the pre-drilled holes screw in the 4 screws for the bottom.
Step 7
Repeat step 6 for the top.
Step 8
Admire your work and hang it on the ceiling and send me pictures 🙂