Step 1 - insert 4 caps with 2" nipples in through the 4 top corners (Note only make 1 turn for the 2" nipples or you will be unable to lock it in on the next step.
Step 2 - Flip over the top on a blacket or towel so as to not scratch off the pipe paint and lock in the 4 caps with 4 couplings as shown.
Step 3 - Insert the 4 legs into the 4 couplings as shown.
Step 4 - insert the bottom shelf onto the 4 2" nipples taking note the green tape is always facing up and to the left front side.
Step 5 - Final step insert the 4 legs into the 4 couplings leaving the round feet not tight. You can adjust them to accommodate for unlevel floors.
Flip over your new piece and admire your handy work. You are now a Pipeowrkpieces pro 🙂

Industrial design end table with knobs