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Pipeworkpieces – Artisinal Works

Welcome to Pipeworkpieces Artisinal pieces made for you.

This is my place for me to showcase and sell my unique metal pipe pieces made out of stained or painted wood and 1/2″ steel pipe.

What started out as a few pet projects my wife wanted , like backyard furniture and then decorative pieces made me realize that I love to work with wood and tools .

I found that my passion was working with my hands and I have now launched this website so I can share my love of wood and pipe assembly with you my future customer.

Some of My Best sellers

Best Sellers

Just as an example when you purchase a raised dog bowl stand all of my raised dog bowl stands can be height adjusted to your specific puppy’s needs. I will work together with you and by changing the length of the legs we can have the exact height you would like. All our raised dog bowl stands can also have small,medium or large size bowls . I always send pictures to my clients during the staining process as some customers like it darker and others lighter so you get to approve your final finish.

When I first started doing this I often used to go to my suppliers warehouse and hang out in the metal pipe section. The guys there used to give me strange looks and keep asking could they help me….but now they just smile and keep going. It confuses them what I’m doing there…gathering metal pipe pieces and making strange things right there in the aisles. But, they are used to me now. I always know when there is a new employee…because I get the weird look and constant query to help me. There was a standing joke with the warehouse manager and that was when I walk in he says “Your office should be ready any day” we laugh every day it never gets old. And then he used to tell me its great that I am always smiling. Well who wouldn’t making crafts and loving what I’m doing at the same time.

Black iron pipe vs silver galvanized pipe fittings

The 2 color options for the pipe are black iron pipe or galvanized. IMPORTANT NOTE: the black pipe is actually more like a dark gray/ dark silvery color, not true black. It is deceiving, but the “black pipe” is just the name of the material. But once it has been cleaned of the residue that gets all over, it is a dark gray, or metallic black, with dark silver. If I didn’t clean the parts, this black residue would get everywhere, and eventually would start to turn a rusty color over time. The silver galvanized pipe is more of a bright silver. But all of the parts are cleaned of their oils and sealed with a clear protective finish.

New finishes now available on pipe pieces.

_pipe finishes

Just know that any product you purchase from me is home made by myself with lots of love 🙂

Important Note : Unfinished pieces get surface prep and a coat of clear enamel.

I look forward to making your next order for you 🙂