Note : Never over tighten the pipes going into the flanges or your piece will NOT swivel . Twist until its tight and then loosen a 1/4 turn.

When you swivel the shelf onto the pipes it should not be more then 5 turns onto the threading but you will feel when its tight same as above loosen 1/4 turn

Step #1
start with the top piece as shown. Top side has a rounded edge and bottom is flat.
Step #2
Insert the top mounting bracket as shown and do not over tighten or the shelf will not swivel.
Step #3
insert the center pipe underneath the top shelf and again do not over tighten.
Step #4
this is how your piece looks once you insert the center pipe.
Step #5
line up the top of the lower shelf flange to the center pipe. And swivel it onto the pipe again just loose enough to swivel.
Step #6
final step is to do the same as the first step with the bottom piece. Hang up your shelf and send me a picture of your plants on it 🙂 thanks again, Lew