Post Purchase Process

This small slide show is a perfect example of what happens after you purchase a piece from my shop here or on Etsy 🙂

Hover your mouse on any picture to pause it or use the arrows on the sides to change it faster.

After you purchase and have chosen your wood stain and pipe color.
As my new orders come in I enter them in my production calendar and use the date Etsy gave you as the ship date. I am usually on time but sometimes it happens I am one or two days late . But when this happens I ALWAYS inform my customers. One of the harder choices is deciding on a cool color for your home 🙂
Pics in the raw - Angle 1
I always send my customers 3 pics in the raw assembly stage so they can visualize what their piece will look like 🙂
Pics in the raw - Angle 2
Pics in the raw - Angle 3
Next step is send you a picture of your piece after staining is done.
This happens when it is hanging on my line
Hanging around ....
Hanging around ....
usually by now we have a little chatter going back and forth about your piece being made lol.
Final step - The Reveal
As the last step before I pack and ship your finished item I mount it on my wall and send my customers the final pics before shipping - Love the WOW factor at this point 🙂
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