Wall mount shoe rack assembly instruction

Note: Hovering your mouse over any slide will pause it for you.

Step 1
attach two bottom mounts to first shelf. Keep the arrow indicated on the masking tape always pointed towards you on the left side.
Step 2
Lock in the shelf with 2 couplings and balance the entire setup on the provided temporary stand. Then add a 6" or 8" straight nipple depending on size ordered to the couplings.
Step 3
Insert a nipple into the coupling so you can place the shelf onto it to lock into place. Repeat this step until the final tier.
Step 4
Move piece to the floor as it will be easier to finish the assembly.
Step 5 - Final step
Add top mounting brackets to the top couplings and tighten.


Below is the steps to not have a stubborn nipple issue 🙂