Step 1
Insert handles through top piece
Step 2
lock in handles with 4 couplings
Step 3
insert 4 pipes as shown
Step 4
insert second shelf onto 4 nipples as shown
Step 4b
Always keep the laser etched x on the right front for perfect alignment every time.
Step 5
repeat step 2
Step 6
repeat step 4 - then do this again for the third shelf
Step 7
screw in the 4 casters with the 16 screws provided
Step 8
add 4 pipes with flanges as shown and turn the flanges till you get them all about the same height. Easy trick is to use a level when you place the flat top on it and adjust as needed.
Step 9
align the flat shelf - use a level if you want to be sure it is straight πŸ™‚
Step 10
once you have it aligned screw in all 4 flanges with the 16 small screws provided.
Flip over and admire your work - GREAT JOB !!!!