extra feet for raised dog feeders

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Now any raised feeder can be bought from puppy stage to full adult.

Simply order any raised dog feeder I make and then add a set of 4 pipes for
your pups growth stages.

For example a Golden when a puppy you would order a raised feeder with 2″ pipe legs.

Now your pup is 6 months to a year and your pipeworkpieces raised feeder is too short for your pup.

Now it is not a problem simply take your matching set of 4 pieces of 6″ pipe and swap the 2″ legs you received
your piece with,

You can add any combination of 4 pcs to your original order . 4″ + 10″ or 4″,6″ and even 12″ any combination is possible,

Note this item is only for pipeworkpieces customers and needs to be ordered together with a feeder as there is no shipping fee for these extra pieces and it is included with your original order and pipes are painted at the same time πŸ™‚

Additional information

Pipe size

10" set of 4, 12" set of 4, 4" set of 4, 6" set of 4, 8" set of 4

Pipe Color

Antique Brass, Clear coat, Matte Black, metallic silver, Metallic Silver-Dull, Oil Rub Bronze


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