Industrial style metal pipe pieces

Welcome to Pipeworkpieces , my online shop of Industrial style metal pipe pieces made by hand for home or business.

Feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you have until you feel comfortable ordering a piece from me. MY reviews speak for themselves the pride I take in making a customer their own piece.
My name is Lewis and I am the owner / Artisan for Pipeworkpieces. I am very happy you stopped by .
Here are just a few samples from my portfolio of items I have made for my customers.
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A little history on how pipeworkpieces started is in order now 🙂
When I first started doing this I often used to go to homedepot and hang out in the metal pipe section. The guys there used to give me strange looks and keep asking if they could they help me….but after a while they would just smile and keep going. It confused them what I was doing there…gathering metal pipe pieces and making strange things right there in the aisles. But, then they got used to me. I always knew when there was a new employee…because I would get the weird look and constant query to help me. There was a standing joke with the store greeter and that was when I walked in he said “Your office should be ready any day” we laughed every time  as it never got old. And then he used to tell me its great that I am always smiling. Well who wouldn’t making crafts and loving what I’m doing at the same time.
I love what I do and I work very close with my customers as you can see in all my customer reviews.
Here are the usual steps when you purchase Industrial style metal pipe pieces from me.
First off when I start a piece you order from me I usually do a raw fit assembly after that I will show you your piece in the raw with a picture.
The next step is to sand and stain the wood after that I will show you the results of that process therefore you can let me know if you prefer I go darker on your piece or you love it as is.
Next I clean and  paint the pipes to your color choice.
Finally I will do a full assembly and send you pictures of your finished piece before I pack it up for shipping to you.
When a customer purchases a raised dog bowl stand the beautiful part is that all of my raised dog bowl stands can be height adjusted to your specific puppy’s needs.
I will work together with you and by changing the length of the legs so we can have the exact height you would like.
All my raised dog bowl stands can also have medium , large , X-Large or 2X-Large size bowls .
Feel free to contact me for any of your customization needs for Industrial style metal pipe pieces for home or office.
If you find something you like on Pintrest made out of pipe and wood and would  like it for your home , chances are I can make it for you at an affordable price .
Black iron pipe fittings explained :
The black pipe is actually more like a dark gray/ dark silvery color, not true black.
It is deceiving, but the “black pipe” is just the name of the material.
But once it has been cleaned of the residue that gets all over, it is a dark gray, or metallic black, with dark silver.
If I didn’t clean the parts, this black residue would get everywhere, and eventually would start to turn a rusty color over time.
All of the parts are cleaned of their oils and sealed with a clear protective finish as default so they will not rust.
Every product you purchase from me is hand made by myself.
Important Note : Unfinished pieces get surface prep and a coat of clear enamel or matte black paint.
I look forward to making your next order for you 🙂


Some more customer reviews:
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