Affiliate Register Page

Affiliate Register Page

Here are some sample banners you can use on websites once you are an affiliate.

They are available with your affiliate code embedded once you register and go to the Marketing – Banners tab.

Once you register you can go to any product and get your own personal affiliate link or a banner linked to that specific product.  [ View steps here- Opens in a new window ]

Make 15% selling pipeworkpieces designs to friends and website visitors.

Simply signup below , start creating and sharing links to your favorite products and
then start receiving comissions on a bi-monthly basis.

If you see a piece you love or just want to send traffic to the entire shop you will make 15% on every piece I make for the customer you send.

Simply join the affiliate program , generate a tracking link to my shop or particular item , spread it around and anyone clicking sets a cookie to you.

Payments are made by interact transfer to Canadian affiliates and Paypal to USA affiliates.


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