About my shop and myself 🙂

My name is Lewis the owner and craftsman for pipeworkpieces on Etsy . I am so glad to have you stop by . Every piece I make is handmade by myself so you know anything you order from me will be made with TLC .

So what started out as pet projects for my wife around the yard and home like backyard furniture and then inside decorations made me realize that I love to work with wood and tools and my hands.

I am very fortunate that what started out as a small side business is now my full time profession. I was able to leave a very stressful day job in the management field to focus on what I love doing the most, Working with my hands.

I might work 24/7 now but I would not change a thing. I love waking up in the middle of the night and if I have some emails from potential or current customers sitting at the computer and answering them before I go back to bed. Again when its your passion you will give it 110% lol.

So that is how pipeworkpieces came to be and it does keep me busy and happy when I make a piece for a customer. I think my customer reviews speak for themselves.

I get so excited when a piece is coming together and I start sending pictures to my customers that just simply love the progress reports. And I do this for each and every customer of mine 🙂

I really do put all my love into every piece I make for you.

Would love to add you to my list of customers so hopefully you like some of my offerings…


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