This is the assembly instruction for my 2 tier bar shelf with support bars




step 1
attach left and right piece to lower bar as shown
step 2
Insert bottom shelf with arrow indicated on top and to the left as shown.
Step 3
Lock it in with the two couplings. Always only hand tighten.
Step 4
Take the two bottom brackets as shown and attach them to the couplings.
Step 4-B
You can tell which are the bottom couplings can when you look at the writing on the flanges the 1/2" is always on the right side,
Step 5
Take the 2 12" pipes with couplings
Step 6
Attach it to the Tee as shown here.
Step 7
Add 2 2" pipes to the couplings for the top shelf.
Step 8
Find the 2 pieces to support the upper bar and notice it is marked Left and Right. This is so it will align with the opposite part of the union to lock in place the upper bar.
Step 9
Attach the left and right piece as shown.
Step 10
Take the right side upper bar and screw the union to the female piece.
Step 11
Do the same thing for the Left side.
You are done 🙂
Load this beauty up with plenty of Booze and send a picture to so I can put it online as a customer picture, Thanks again, Lew